With love for Rendalen


We grew up in Rendalen, and have spent our childhood hiking and hunting in the mountains, and fishing in the rivers.


We left the valley to study but as soon as we were graduated teachers, we returned home.


Rendalen is a great destination for nature lovers, and we are passionate about the local culture and the unique stories from here. We realized that these stories have to be told or else they will be lost forever.  Therefore we would love to show you some amazing places and share some of the exciting stories with you. 



Ole Martin, 31 år


My name is Ole Martin and I am teacher. I have also studied outdoor life, and have experience with leading guided tours.


I love fishing in Mistra, hiking and hunting in the mountains of Rendalen.


I would love to show you some of the best places to visit in Rendalen. 



Linda, 29 år


My name is Linda.  I am a physical education teacher. 


Some of my best memories were made in the nature of Rendalen, and this is the place where I want to create new ones. 


I love hiking, fishing and hunting, and to tell unique stories from Rendalen.


I`m passionate about local life, and I want you to feel that you have been “behind the scenes” of Rendalen. 


RENDALEN has many treasures. We would like to share them with you


Rendalen Guiding og Naturopplevelser AS



We are passionate about the great nature in our home town, and the unique stories  waiting to be told. 


2020 nature experiences


We are working with new guided tours for the 2020 season. Stay tuned!

Please feel free to call  or contact by email if you require any further information.


Email: post@reguna.no

Ole Martin: 995 46 130

Linda: 909 77 531